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My Delirious Mind
A Raging Inferno of Delight, Perplexity, Love and Torment!
21st-Jun-2007 02:09 pm
One of the joys of being a woman - feeling like roadkill about every 28 days.

Feeling like one cannot move - one must lay down - in only a certain position - because one has no energy, is dizzy, has pain in the uterus, and generally does not want to do anything, nor eat anything.

Once one finds THE position, then one does not want to move again, ever. One just feels that motionless, thoughtless inertia is the One True Path.

One may drift.

And drool on one's pillow.

This is the essence of womanhood. Do not question it or disturb it.
22nd-Jun-2007 03:28 am (UTC)
I do not miss my uterus, not one tiny bit.
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