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My Delirious Mind
A Raging Inferno of Delight, Perplexity, Love and Torment!
21st-Jul-2007 12:51 am
You know what. If I had only locked Hux in the house before I went to S.F. and made sure he stayed in that night, he'd be here now.
21st-Jul-2007 07:58 am (UTC)
Oh sweetie, you can't beat yourself up like that. Your cats have been very smart about going in and out of the house as needed. You couldn't know that it would be different that one night, and you don't know at this point that something bad has happened. Maybe he wandered far and someone took a liking to him, and kept him in their home. It's been known to happen. Do you have fliers up in the neighborhood or larger area, like at stores and such? Sometimes when people see the owner really does care very much they will bring him to you, saying they "just" found him.
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