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My Delirious Mind
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ho hum 
6th-Aug-2007 01:30 am
I can't believe it's already creeping up to mid-August and the weather has even gone chilly and windy, giving me the reminder it will be another season soon. But wait, where'd the summer go? I feel like I got steamrolled by time. All I wanted to really do was reduce my clutter. Did I do that? LOL. Tip of the iceberg.

I'm thinking, maybe it would be easier to have a man around. When I'm tired, and I've got no energy left, someone to take out the trash, pick those damn pebbles from the fish tank off the porch, and take the heavy stuff down to the garage. And while your at it, order a recycle bin, one of those big blue ones. We also need to clean out the garage. And organize the wires in the computer armoire. I don't even know what's under that pile in the laundry room. Eek.

Oh wait, I don't have a man. Maybe he'd be messy anyway. I suppose if I created the current clutter another person could create double the clutter.

I have achieved some objectives this summer. I put together 6 bookcases, organized a bunch of stuff into file folders, nailed a whole slew of eraser boards and bulletin boards to the walls around the house... um had two jacaranda trees planted, had the mulberry trees butchered (it's nice though to have the sunlight and breezes), decorated the garden with an ant statue that is carting crystals and I've fed the squirrels. Taking my 8 wk. Stanford writing class (1.5 weeks left).

I bought a membership to the Exploratorium and we've been going there a lot. Day trips to SF have been fun. We went to the spy shop the other day.

I was invited to a pool party and never even R.S.V.P'd, and I wonder why I'm not popular and have such a withering social life. But I have dear tapati coming tomorrow to child-sit and she's rather bright and sunshiney in my opinion. And Anne is coming for dinner on Tuesday. I'm going to help her with a paper (her doctoral qualifying paper) due this fall. I miss Huckleberry. I moped today.. and well, I mope probably every few days now. It's hard to not have him here in all his fluffy glory. I keep wishing he'd show up but I'm afraid that's ... not going to be the case. I miss Tom. I don't understand what happened with that but I guess when it all boils down I wasn't all that and a bag o' chips. So after allowing him to somehow make me feel worthless, I've been reading some A.H. Almaas. It's good reads for the soul, good reads.
6th-Aug-2007 08:54 am (UTC)
Any time you get a sudden invitation and don't have babysitting arranged, give me a call (at the 0486 number) and if I'm not doing anything I'll drive right up. I do think it is VITAL for single parents to have alone time with adults to balance out their "on" time as parents. It's the only way I survived!

We'll see how bright and sunshiney I am on little sleep, LOL. :) I took caffeine late in the day for my head and now I'm still wide awake! I predict more caffeine in my future in the a.m.
6th-Aug-2007 09:40 pm (UTC)
If you ever need caffeine at my house, my coffee maker is on the counter in the dining room (ahem, hard to see amidst the piles). There is coffee and filters there on the table too next to it, and sugar in the kitchen in the white canister next to the recipe books. :)
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