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My Delirious Mind
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you shall be rewarded in the future with amnesia and many bounces 
11th-Aug-2007 07:42 pm
Holy FUCK. This 16 foot Magic Cage octagon trampoline is hard to put together. I don't know whether to laugh or cry. The website said it can be easily assembled by one person in 30 min. If you're the HULK!! It's taken me two days and ALL of my strength and determination. I'm sore, I've bled, I've cursed, I've been homicidal. LOL. That's not funny. Fuck this trampoline.

Ok, I'm almost done though. But I'm so weak I'm trembling from exhaustion. I don't think many females could have managed this. Putting on the springs is a NIGHTMARE.

In the picture below, the frame comes up to my hips, was heavy-duty galvanized steel and a total ordeal to put together. It was bent in the wrong shape from shipping. I got a steel splinter in my finger. I had to bend it back into shape by using it like a leg press. I had to go to the store and buy WD-40 because it wasn't fitting together even with all my weight pressed down on it. Then I had to hook the springs into the poles and attach the mat and net to the poles then hoist the poles into the frame. But I didn't have the strength to do that from the ground so I had to drag the contraption over to the porch railing, climb up on the railing and balance there as I pulled the poles back and hooked them onto the springs. Now there are 112 springs to attach the mat to the frame - with 450 lbs. of pulling power. I've done probably 70 or 80 springs and it gets increasingly harder. The mat is completely taught so that when you bounce on it, there's very little that gives. But how do you get it like that? With muscle. It has to be pulled taught. I'm going to look like Arnold by the time I'm done with this muscle building madness but I won't be surprised if I need some help from another adult. Who knows though. I thought I'd never get past the frame and I was eventually victorious over that. Maybe I will conquer the springs too.

I had to take a break and come in and mozey on the comp for a little while. I was seriously at the end of my rope physically. I was trying to pull springs from the mat to the frame and couldn't do it because my arms had weakened. I've been wearing gloves to protect my hands and found that was a good idea. Every spring takes not just all of my physical strength but mental willpower too... the gritting teeth fire in the eyes get-that-spring-to-the-hook kind of determination. I'll go back out in a few minutes. That's what makes that 1/2 hr. claim by one person so laughable. Really, they've got nerve to claim that.

12th-Aug-2007 08:40 pm (UTC)
I had a flash of thought that the trampoline would likely be difficult to put together...

Feel free to ask me to come and help for two person projects like that. I have my weight to put into it, at least! LOL.
12th-Aug-2007 09:16 pm (UTC)
Ok, will do! :)

You can come over and bounce if you want but I know your leg probably needs a little more time for healing. The offer's always there though. It's a great aerobic workout. It knocks me out quick... not literally, but almost. There's something about bouncing too, it's just fabulous.
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