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My Delirious Mind
A Raging Inferno of Delight, Perplexity, Love and Torment!
21st-Jul-2007 01:41 pm
My neighbor Richard said that about 4 nights ago, 10:30 p.m. (the night I was gone to S.F. otherwise I definitely would have heard it), a pack of coyotes was howling loudly and it sounded like it was out on our cul-de-sac in front of my house. The one night I'm frickin' gone. That really gets under my skin.

I've gone back in my mind and thought and I just can't remember seeing Hux greet me at the door when I got back from S.F. that night, around 10:30 or so. I know I shouldn't beat myself up but I really, really wish I had of driven home after dinner while it was still light instead of going for a twilight tour of Pacific Heights. If only...


My mom told me to accept the loss and try to move on and I started sobbing. Then she suggested would I like another kitten? She said she would fly up here and go shopping for one with me. She realized how upset I am and said I could talk all I needed. It's hard for anyone to listen to me, I know. I can't help it. I can't stop thinking about it.

On the bright side, this muggle received her Harry Potter book via owl today. I wish I could just read it instead of this stupid, painfully boring Easter Island novel assigned by my class. Easter Island makes me want to burn books.
21st-Jul-2007 09:10 pm (UTC)
What is your deadline for reading this Easter Island novel? Can you dive into Potter for awhile?

Dave ordered it for me but took the free shipping option so it won't be here for a few days. I am eying my credit cards, trying to see if I have enough room.

Do you want me to drop your gift by and give you a big hug? Today Dave has the car until later this afternoon, and I am working hard on my room and filing project, but I could drop by for a little bit in the evening.

21st-Jul-2007 09:23 pm (UTC)
If I had of known you wanted one, I would have ordered two for delivery today. I'd love to have you by. I've wanted to call you and come by your house as planned but I feel like a brick, mopey and miserable. I'm not my usual self. Yeah, if you want to visit, please do. I'd love to see you.
21st-Jul-2007 10:02 pm (UTC)
I was figuring you preferred to stick around home, especially if Hux might show up somehow. (I'm still hoping.)

I'll give you a call first, I'm not sure when Dave is going to be home.
21st-Jul-2007 10:06 pm (UTC)
Actually he just got home, how about 5 ish cause I still have work to do before I go out.

Dave found me a copy of Potter so woohoo!
21st-Jul-2007 10:53 pm (UTC)
I'm still hoping Hux will show up too. Tyggr went missing for two weeks a few months back and he popped up unexpectedly one day. Hux might too. Although, signs are far more ominous this time 'round. Still holding out hope and thankful you are too.
21st-Jul-2007 10:50 pm (UTC)
I like easter island :(
21st-Jul-2007 10:52 pm (UTC)
LOL. Sorry. Maybe I'll like it more as I get into it. It's just bloody slow, though I really respect the excellent descriptive writing of the author. Or maybe it's just that I can't concentrate well these days with my misery clouding everything.
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